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The Healthy Family Summit gives you the knowledge you need to start making empowering changes in your life!

  • Become educated on a variety of health topics 
  • Understand the why's and how's of healthy living
  • Learn manageable steps to make changes
  • Connect with authors in live Q&A sessions
  • All for FREE!

What is the Healthy
 Family Summit?

The Healthy Family Summit was created just for you! The Summit is a week-long event with daily, live speakers.  Each speaker is an author on a different topic of health, from eating healthy and detoxing, to mental health and healing modalities. The Healthy Family Summit was launched to bring incredible speakers and their knowledge to a family community in one event, connecting you with the authors.  The Summit has one purpose - to create healthy and happy families!  Each expert teaches you manageable steps to empower you to live a healthy and happy life. And all this is completely ONLINE and FREE

Powerful Messages

No matter where you are on your health journey, there are powerful tools for you to learn. These dynamic speakers have insights for YOU and your entire FAMILY!


At the end of each presentation, the speaker will have a Q&A. The speakers will be there to answer ALL of your questions and give you personal direction and inspiration!  Connect with the authors and experience empowering breakthroughs!

FREE & Convenient

The one week of training is completely ONLINE (via Zoom) and FREE for the live sessions!  No need to travel, or get babysitters. Do it all from the comfort of your home!

Create the Health You Deserve...

  • Choose to Be Healthy
  • Understand the Reason Why
  • Make the Change

Everyone deserves to be healthy, but health is a choice.  And with that choice comes freedom, happiness and a longer, more fulfilled life!  The choice can be hard to make if you don't understand the why's or how's of health. Let our experts help you understand those principles.  A powerful reason will get you started. Why do you want to create a healthy and happy family?

  • I want health and happiness for myself and my family
  • I want to help myself and family members heal from our health challenges 
  • I want to be there for my kids and grandkids and create happy memories in a healthy body  

Ready to Climb the Summit of Health?

Our Wonderful Speakers... Coming Soon!

This live summit was created by Deonna Hollist, a homeschool mama and business owner who has worked in the holistic health field for over 15 years.  Deonna saw families who were seeking health and happiness and who needed someone to direct them in making healthy changes in their lives. She envisioned an event that would bring authors and mentors from all holistic fields together in one event, connecting families with these expert authors. These dynamic leaders will inspire and teach families how to improve their lifestyles.  Deonna began by creating this event for homeschool families.  She then opened the event up to all families with one purpose: creating healthy and happy families.